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To support the effort of NGOs in their various fields of endeavor for disable lot especially children.
Channel support from corporate, institutions and individuals in India and abroad.
. Serve as an effective link between the needs of the NGOs and desire of people to donate time, money, skills or resources for retarded children.
. Ensure financial accountability and proper usage of funds.

. Monitor and evaluate projects following stringent norms.

. Run community focused awareness campaigns around issues.

. To seek help and provide training and capacity building to other like minded NGOs.

. Match CSR goals of organization to social development projects.

. To carry out action research and impact assessment of projects supported

. Dedication to our mission.
. Accountability and transparency to all.
. Early childhood education.
. Primary education.

. Girl child empowerment.

. Life skills.

. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) integrated education.

. Supporting Women’s livelihood.

. Nutrition.

. Health primary concern.

. Integrated community development.

. To catalyze social changes by unleashing India’s trapped resources for children who have invalid stigma.
. To spur a movement providing global connectivity and support through our “internet” by enabling individuals/ organization to contribute to the voluntary sector with transparency and commitment and dealing with invalidity among children.


NIRMAL AANCHAL for mentally retarded children NGO is the brainchild of Chanson Group which is a premier transport providing company of India and has name and fame worldwide. Chanson Group besides its activities keep involving and dedicate itself in the noble cause and do not lag behind in adopting any noble cause for the service of humanity and has noble slogan such as “SARBAT DA BHALLA”. NIRMAL AANCHAL is registered under “The Societies Registration Act, 1860”.
NIRMAL AANCHAL which itself originates and deep sense of meaning NIRMAL means clean and AANCHAL stands for cover i.e. clean cover is virtually pious cover.self reliant and no more invalid.

The aims and objectives, mission, its belief, areas of work, action plan, vision, sponsorship of handicapped and measures to take care of, general awareness, raising funds for noble cause- the above cause cannot be achieved without the help and sincere efforts of our donors.

NIRMAL AANCHAL will leave no effort and rather create and update a website from time to time with the latest

The logo represents the dancing with rhythm from little, small and big disable children smilingly symbolizing oneness forgetting their existing state of mind.

NIRMAL AANCHAL came into existence with noble aims and objectives to come at the rescue and to take care of handicapped (invalid children) as they themselves think that they are burden on their loved ones and their sympathy strikes these children to their heart. To remove the myth from the mind of spastic children, NIRMAL AANCHALresolved to adopt them make them independent by providing them all helps for their future and make them realize that they are happenings and developments in our NGO/ School alongwith free medical advice/ tips for parents, guardians and children from our team of experts i.e. psychologists, physiotherapists etc on all major issues on mental retardation, epilepsy, autism, occupational therapy, and hearing impairment.


NIRMAL AANCHAL is of children with behavioral problems and multiple disabilities like autism, slow learners, aspersers, mental retardation, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing, speech and visual impairment.
To introduce specialized computer therapy software’s for children of any group with multiple disabilities and educate them on powers of internet. Actively involve guardian and teachers to sustain the efficacy and impact of professional services in child rising as and when necessary.

To provide specialized technical education to disable children who are well in position inspite of shortcoming in them also in the form of I.T and computer education which is very important aspect in the present scenario.

To arrange for yoga, meditation classes for spastic who are in position to do so to help maintain peace of mind etc.

To instill the sense in them that they are no less to the normal person.

The invalid children need all type of help which NIRMAL AANCHAL will provide them as per their need and requirement. The help will be of clothing, books, proper guidance etc.

NIRMAL AANCHAL will create activities of Art & Culture such as painting, clay modeling etc. with focus on their efforts.
To exhibit market and export the handicrafts, products and articles made by disable children.

To help design innovating materials, specialized computer software’s, computer projects etc. To help empower a section of young spastic adults by giving them rehabilitation, specialized and technical education and vocational training to make them self reliant and honorable citizen.

To interact with other NGOs who are of similar object and aim doing yeoman’s service for humanity.

To collect donations from our regular donors and spread the message to people who are not aware of the importance of help to the handicapped persons.

To attempt to provide artificial limbs to handicapped children with the help of Institute of Artificial limbs, Department of Handicapped & Rehabilitation under Ministry of Social Welfare.

To construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter the buildings, houses keeping in view the need of handicapped inhabitants.


NIRMAL AANCHAL would also like to thank to our donors for helping for the noble cause irrespective of any amount. The contributions are acceptable in cash and in kinds also. Our donors are our pillars of strength. Their every penny will do a wonder and can help us applying balm to heal the suffering of spastic children.

To achieve aim:-

NIRMAL AANCHAL pledged to go out of the way to help handicapped and discarded children by society or their own relations. We have further resolved to undertake this colossal project to achieve the noble cause with full vigor. We will not hesitate to seek help of any kind from Delhi Government to venture into this project and to achieve and get our dream fulfilled.

Clean Cover (Pious):-

NIRMAL AANCHAL have further in mind and aimed up having complete infrastructure which will help in accommodating handicapped children with full facilities and amenities they further need in their life. Acquiring infrastructure for this noble cause will soon be accomplished by your valuable contribution which