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Role and Responsibilities

Transport Manager:

  • Ensure to resolve the grievances / complaints within the same day
  • Manage the Operations – Fluid and Dynamic way
  • To give suggestion for cost control without affecting the employees comfort and sensitivity.
  • Manage the shift schedule of the team, deployed by Chanson
  • Evolve and generate effective MIS system as per Chanson’s philosophy and guidelines within the framework of the client
  • Routine checking of all measures to ensure that the Service Level Agreement has been met – deviation if any, must be brought to the notice of the client and Management Team
  • Ensure users’ guide and transportation policy in every vehicles for the reference of end users.
  • Formal Root Cause analysis to identify and address pain areas
  • Examine reasons for variance and prescribed remedies

Help Desk – 24 x 7 operations:

  • Display vehicle assignment schedule prominently
  • All booking / change in schedule to be weighed properly and ensure that all required information is available and complied with – prioritize each request.
  • Coordinate with end users for their pick up timings, shift schedule.
  • Nodal point for all transport related queries

Shift Administrators / Supervisors:

  • Vehicle Assignment on the basis of roster planning for the day
  • Plan and promulgate route sheet
  • Determining the correct fleet mix and size
  • Corrective and Preventive Action on the basis of feedback mechanism within the shift
  • Check ‘AS plan as went’ running of all vehicles
  • Prepare monthly checklist of all vehicles with regard to :
    – Maintenance, Statutory valid documents, basic safety equipment and statutory compliance under various laws
  • Prepare monthly / daily / weekly MIS reports such as :- punctuality, E-sat on the basis of feedback / complaints analysis, vehicle utilization pattern etc.
  • Log in all incidents / requests in the log book (verbal and written) and initiate corrective action during the shift. Forward the attended incidents / requests to next shift personnel.

Vehicle trackers:

  • Communicate clearly with drivers.
  • To track vehicle movement as per vehicle assignment schedule.
  • Carry out surprise check about the road worthiness of vehicles and compliance
  • Record any abnormal incidents in the CAPA sheet.
  • Immediately upon reaching the Vehicle at the destination, collect the route sheet from the driver to authenticate the same
  • To track vehicle inward / outward punctuality
  • Ensure the log books are maintained and correct data are entered
  • Obtain feedback from each route on daily basis and initiate corrective action.
  • Escalate the matter, if not resolved to Transport Manager

Role of Management Team:

  • 24 hours help line for any support to the Operation team
  • Immediate support / relief in event of contingency
  • Organize periodical in house training for Drivers and onsite supervisors
  • Statutory compliance under various laws
  • Evolve control mechanism
  • Ensure corrective and preventive action in case of service failure
  • To conduct regular audits and control measures
  • Review the performance metrics every month
  • Identify reasons for low performance and modify training requirements accordingly
  • Identify methodology hurdles and suggest changes required to make the methodology more stable / user friendly